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From homeless
                  to neighbor

The Rosette Neighborhood Village is a transitional housing micro-neighborhood located in the back yard of the Amistad House of Hospitality in New Haven.

Hundreds of people donated time and resources to assemble the first 6 tiny homes on Oct 21st.

Image by Ev
On October 1st 2023, Connecticut's House Bill 6601 came into effect, declaring that homelessness is a public health crisis.  
Rosette residents finally received electricity to heat their tiny homes this winter on January 15th! 

We believe that all people experiencing homelessness deserve dignity, safety, and access to community. Providing these basics to unhoused people affirms their humanity, improves their health and wellbeing, and establishes a foundation from which they can seek permanent housing.

National Health Care for the Homeless Council reports:

Continuous displacement, especially with disrupted services, leads to devastating outcomes. 


Increase in Overdose Mortality


Reduction in Life Expectancy


increase in Hospitalizations

A retrospective analysis of temporary housing in the US reveals that the average cost per year, per unit of other forms of assistance is

what our village model costs. 


The tiny houses are ​“a safe place, a safe start, somewhere secure that you can actually lock and call your own, a place where we can start to build our lives again… to wake up every day and go to work.”
Suki on the street.jpeg

Suki Godet, backyard neighbor speaking about the Rosette Neighborhood Village 

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